With 25 years of compounding pharmacy experience, our highly trained team can provide same-day compounds locally or across Canada with free overnight shipping right to your door.

Welcome to the Aurora Compounding Pharmacy Toronto

We are more than a conventional pharmacy compounding is the combination of science and art that results when our specially trained pharmacists use innovative problem solving to meet the physician and other healthcare practitioners’ challenges with the common goal of satisfying a patient’s unique needs.

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Our custom specialties include pain management, bio-identical hormone replacement therapydermatological preparations, pediatric and veterinary compounding. We are a full-service pharmacy located in Aurora, Toronto that is proud to provide the highest quality medications that can be delivered nationwide by courier to a patient’s preferred address.

We Offer

Compounding Pharmacy Toronto

Free Shipping Canada Wide

Aurora Compounding Pharmacy offers fast and reliable shipping by FedEx and Purolator

Compounding Pharmacy Ontario

Member of Compounding Associations

We are members of PCCA, the most prestigious global compounding organization

Compounding Pharmacy Ontario

Trusted Quality Partners

We only use the highest quality ingredients and bases to formulate our custom compounds

Why You Need a Custom Compound

A custom compound is required anytime a physician or other healthcare provider identifies a solution for a problem that may not be readily available. Before a manufacturer brings a product to market, they must do extensive testing to determine the effective dosage range for the majority of patients. For each drug strength, they must submit clinical data for government approval. From a time and feasibility standpoint, it would not be possible to make an application for all conceivable strengths. Unfortunately for some patients, a commercially available dose may be inappropriate for them. The need for a custom strength is common when a doctor is assisting their patient trying to wean off of medication while reducing withdrawal symptoms as an example. Other very effective medications are unsuitable for mass distribution because they are unstable if stored for too long. This is common with many pediatric oral medications. Do you have a custom medication need? That is when you need the Aurora Compounding Pharmacy.

The Highest Quality Custom Compounding

We have the ability to customize drug strengths, add flavours, change application methods, or exclude specific ingredients present in commercially available products that may be allergy-inducing for some patients. We are a proud member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). As a member, our staff has access to 35 Pharm D. pharmacists for recommendations in choosing from thousands of proprietary formulae that have proven beneficial to patients all over North America. We use the very best proprietary bases and active pharmaceutical ingredients that have been extensively tested for quality and efficacy. Our compounds are randomly tested by a third-party lab to verify potency and stability. Our staff continually updates their skills and education ensuring the patient receives the best quality compounds and care.

“At Aurora Compounding Pharmacy in Toronto we guarantee the patient receives their custom compound the same day in person or overnight by courier.”

Custom Compounding Based On Your Needs



Not close to us? No problem! Have your doctor fax your prescription and we will ship your custom compound with free overnight shipping.