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How Much Does A Compounded Medication in Aurora Cost?

Unfortunately, this question does not have a simple answer. And it’s not like we are trying to skirt the issue. That really is the case. You have to realize that there is a world of difference between compounded medications and commercial products. Commercial products are sold at traditional pharmacies. Huge pharmaceutical organizations produce them. They have access to tons of materials, the production process is mainly automated, and they buy ingredients in bulk quantity. Compounded medications that a compounding pharmacy in Aurora specializes in creating, on the other hand, have a completely different process.

Two main factors must be considered when calculating the cost of compounded medications in Aurora. They are:

  • Labour Cost
  • Ingredient Cost

Labor Cost for Compounds

When we talk about compounded medication, obviously, there is a labor cost involved. But determining it is a bit difficult. That is because of the complexity of the final product. There could be a few steps involved or more. The more complex a compounded medication is, the more labour cost is associated with it. For example, creams and gels do not take as much time and steps as capsules, troches, and suppositories. So, it is safe to say that creams and gels cost less than capsules, troches, and suppositories.

Ingredient Cost for Compounds

The next thing that we must consider whenever we calculate the cost of compounded medication is the ingredients’ cost. Again, multiple factors have to be considered. The first factor is the availability of the ingredient. Some are commonly available, while others are not. Some compounds are fairly low cost, while some are rare and cost a lot. If the compounding pharmacy buys ingredients in bulk, that may lower the cost for the pharmacy and the end-users. However, that doesn’t happen all the time as over-purchase of an ingredient becomes problematic itself. The ingredient might expire before it can be used, increasing the cost of the compounding pharmacy. Also, if the ingredient is not commonly used, it might have to be ordered specifically by the compounding pharmacy. This will undoubtedly raise the cost as it will include special delivery, shipping costs, and more.

Actual Dollar Costs for Compounded Medication in Aurora

The actual dollar amount for a compounded medication in Aurora is just like commercial medications. They could be anywhere between twenty dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the two factors given above.

Tips to Cut Costs for Compounded Medications in Aurora

Here are a few things that can ensure you save as much as you can.

1. Ask if they Have all the Ingredients in Stock

Most compounding pharmacies have all the ingredients in stock to make your medication. If they don’t, they will have to order it, and that will raise the cost. You can ask them if they can use any alternate ingredient in place of the one they have to order. Of course, they will have to call your physician and ask them if they recommend any alternates. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but sometimes it does, so there is no harm in asking. If the doctor authorizes the change, it can drastically reduce the cost. If there isn’t an option, you will have to pay for it.

2. Buy in Bulk

Are you getting your medication as maintenance therapy? Are you certain that you will be using the same medication for the next few months? If that is the case, you can ask the compounding pharmacy in Aurora if they have a price break for purchasing the medication in bulk. If you purchase the medication for at least 2-3 months, that will greatly reduce the labour cost. It can save you around 10-25%| of the cost depending on the ingredients. Instead of the compounding pharmacy making the same medication each month, they will do it every 2-3 months. One thing that you should consider is the expiry date. If the expiry date is a month, you will have to go for a refill every month. The same is true for rare ingredients. Suppose the pharmacy has to order an ingredient specially for your compounded medication. In that case, they can order in bulk, saving the shipping cost, which can make quite a difference. Instead of ordering every month, they can order once every few months. Again, the expiry plays a big role in this situation.


Compounded medication may cost a lot depending on the ingredients used, their availability, and the labour costs. But you can use the two tips mentioned above to lower the cost. However, we will recommend that you don’t look at the cost but at the quality of the compounded medication that the compounding pharmacy in Aurora is delivering. Compounding pharmacies make tailor-made, customized drugs in specific doses, dosage form, and flavour, etc. They work with physicians to solve the patients’ problems by using custom medication solutions. Always go for a compounding pharmacy that is highly regulated and employs copious amounts of research, data, and technology to produce safe and effective medications. For more details, you are free to consults the experts at Aurora Compounding.

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