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How to Remember when To Take Your Medications?

It’s not uncommon for people to jolt out of bed when they realize they forgot to take their medication. About half of people don’t take their medications as directed because they don’t know when to remember them. Pharmacists are concerned this can have significant health consequences.

If you skip several birth control pills, for example, you might become pregnant (but you probably knew that! ), and if you skip doses of diabetes medication, your condition might deteriorate. What is the best way to remember to take your pills? Here are some tips to help you never miss a dose, whether you’re trying to finish a round of antibiotics or you’re trying to remember to take a new daily medication.

Put Your Habits In Order

Do you brush your teeth every morning, wash your face, and apply moisturizer? If yes! Add a fourth step to your habit: taking your medication. According to Soriano, following a routine makes it easy to determine whether you have taken your medication. This extra step can benefit everyday tasks like sipping your morning coffee or putting your children to sleep.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Set a reminder to take your medication on your phone, smartwatch, or connected-home device using Siri and Alexa. You can also set your daily alarms on your phone, and you can create custom labels that detail which medications you need to take (plus the dosage) and set them to repeat as often as required. Using some mobile apps for daily pill reminders is another excellent technology option. As soon as you set it up, you’ll receive an alert when it is time to take your medications. The apps allow you to set multiple reminders if you have to take multiple medications at different times during the day.

Add It To Your To-Do List

Put “Take X medication” on your daily to-do list to feel accomplished. You can write down when you need to take your prescription in your paper planner or electronic calendar. Once you’re done, make sure you mark an “x” or checkmark so you won’t forget. You can keep a “medicine calendar” near your meds to keep track of the time you take each dose.

Prepare A Pillbox

Because most meds come in blister packs or bottles that make it challenging to track daily doses, we recommend an excellent old-fashioned pillbox. Pharmacies offer a simple Monday through Sunday pillbox. We suggest looking for ones that include the time of day. Decide weekly (such as Sundays) when to decant the pills you need.

Give Yourself To A Treat

When it comes to remembering to take their medications, people are more motivated by short-term rewards than long-term benefits. Every time you take your medication, eat a small piece of dark chocolate or any of your favourite snacks. If you focus on the drug’s short-term benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, you’re more likely to remember to take it.

How Compounding Plays An Important Role In This Situation

With compounding medication, you don’t have to remember so many medications as there is no potential need to have a lot of them. Because with compounding, the pharmacist may be able to compound a combination of different medications and prepare just one pill combining all the medication that you need. This way, take one pill in the morning, evening or night, and you are good to go. 


Alternatively, you may be able to simplify your medication regimen to make life easier, such as compounding, where you take just one pill in a day that contains all the ingredients you want for a day. If you think you want to know more about it, you can ask a pharmacist yourself or contact us for more information.

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