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The Aurora Compounding pharmacy was established in 1994 by pharmacist Michael Khalil. While working in his father’s pharmacy in his teens and while attending pharmacy school, Michael was always intrigued by the medical need for custom-made medications. Back 100 years ago every prescription was custom-tailored to an individual, he thought why did this practice essentially disappear?

The pharmacy was originally named the Aurora Medical Centre Pharmacy and focused on servicing long-term care facilities and providing home health care products. Within a year or so, Michael saw the need for customized medications. In 1996 the pharmacy name changed to the Aurora Compounding Pharmacy to emphasize the new area of expertise.

Once the pharmacy focus changed, the entire staff attended numerous compounding seminars and the pharmacy joined the elite global compounding organization PCCA.

It’s been over two decades since joining PCCA and the advances in compounding techniques and formulas have been dramatic. Areas such as topical pain management are major medical breakthroughs. Targeted pain is often very well managed in this alternative dosage form while having the potential of lower systemic side effects.

Compounding is an evolving art and science. Every day our compounding pharmacy tackles various patient challenges and works with many practitioners to create safe and effective solutions. New high-tech equipment and techniques allow us to create new novel compounds year after year.

The Aurora Compounding Pharmacy is always looking ahead and to be at the forefront of compounding so they can help you solve any medication challenge.

Guaranteed Quality

Accredited & Licensed

Aurora Compounding Pharmacy is an accredited licensed pharmacy by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. This college serves and protects the public by holding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians accountable for the safe, effective and ethical delivery of pharmacy products and services.

NAPRA Compliant

Our pharmacy is compliant with the stringent NAPRA guidelines for compounding pharmacies and ensures that we deliver high quality medications using safe and consistent processes. Our laboratory uses laminar flow hoods as well as HEPA-filtered, externally vented containment hoods. These hoods are housed in a negative pressure lab with a minimum of twelve air exchanges per hour as per NAPRA guidelines.

Quality Control

We carry out multiple checks at each stage of product preparation and have full documentation throughout each process to ensure consistency and for tracking purposes. In addition, we have randomized product testing that checks for potency, stability and sterility.

Unmatched Service

At Aurora Compounding Pharmacy, we have established stringent processes to ensure quality compounds for our patients. We are committed to an unsurpassed level of care while delivering quality compounds in a timely fashion.

Pharmacist Mike Khalil

Michael Kalil B.Sc.Phm.

Pharmacist / Owner

Pharmacist Raymond Kwan

Raymond Kwan B.Sc.Phm.

Pharmacist / Owner

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