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All About World Mental Health Day

World mental health day occurs and is celebrated every year on October 10th. This day aims to raise awareness for mental health issues and show solidarity and support for mental health problems.

Mental health is one of the most neglected issues worldwide. There are several people severely affected by substance abuse because of poor mental support. Suicide ratios are still on the rise. The social stigma, discrimination and human rights abuses further participate in causes of poor mental health.

This day is celebrated by everyone, from everywhere, to take concrete action supporting the mental health of our close ones and our own. This day helps everyone realize that our friends and family require proper mental wellness. This way, you can take steps towards different programmes to help you understand more about mental health challenges.

The History of World Mental Health Day

As previously mentioned that World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10th every year. It started on October 10th, 1992, as a yearly activity by the World Federation for Mental Health. General Richard Hunter was secretary of WFMH, and the day was celebrated under his supervision. The day officially got commemorated every year on October 10th.

When it first started, there were no specific themes. The aims of this day were general and solely promoted advocacy for mental health challenges and how the public can be educated on relevant issues. The first initial years were all about main activities included a two-hour television broadcast on a global level regarding mental issues and the importance of mental health.

World Mental Health Day and Covid-19

COvid-19 impacted the mental health of nearly every human being. The people affected by it include workers, students, and those living alone, especially those already dealing with mental health problems. There has been an increase in substance use and other neurological disorders.

Yet people showed optimism, and during the World Health Assembly conducted in May 2021, the governments worldwide decided that there is a need to scale up quality mental health protocols. Some countries went above and beyond and introduced some improved ways to care for their population. All these World Mental Health Day 2021 activities show how important it is to work for this issue.

Final Words

WHO (World Health Organization) also encourages everyone and will showcase the efforts made in some countries. WHO also introduced its campaign slogan “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality” and hashtag #WorldMentalHealthDay to help people get aligned with this cause. This day is evolving each year and runs practically on its own. People all over the world hold events and celebrate this day with utmost positivity. Now everyone understands the importance of this day and how important it is to consider mental health since it was started 26 years ago.

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