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Common Sports Injuries That Hamilton’s Athletes May Face

As a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton, we want you to know: Sports are one of the best ways to stay active, socialize, and enhance yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether it’s children or adults, almost everybody loves at least one sport and tries to play it as much as they can. But, even if they can’t play the sport, they have other options like hitting the gym or finding the perfect workout routine.

But as far as sports are concerned, they have multiple benefits apart from the physical aspect. You socialize with people when you’re out there on the field or in the team huddle. You motivate others in your family and friends. And you keep yourself healthy and fit and far away from diseases and ailments. Regular exercise can keep away conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, to name a few. But when we talk about sports, we also have to take care of one thing—getting injured during the game. There are all sorts of ailments and injuries that can happen, but some happen more than others.

Athletic Injuries in Hamilton

If you or your child plays any sport, the chances are good that you have already faced such injuries multiple times. These are the injuries you get when you either over-exert yourself or put yourself in a strange position. The best way to avoid such injuries is to keep in touch with a sports medicine expert. They can educate you about the physical risks of playing that sport and how you can avoid the most common injuries.

If they do occur, they need proper medication and time to heal. Otherwise, you might have to look at surgical and invasive procedures. Here are some common sports injuries in Hamilton and how you can treat them.

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Muscle, Ligament, and Tendon Injuries

Among the most common injuries that you can experience while playing sports are muscle injuries. This happens when you don’t perform suitably and use the techniques as you should. Unfortunately, this leads to tendon and ligament damage, among other things.

Strained Muscles

Strained muscles are among the most common sports injuries. You pull your muscle when you use them in a way they shouldn’t be used or stretch them beyond their limits. This is not only for sports, and it can happen anytime to anyone. It can happen when you are moving your furniture or doing a DIY project where you have to lift and move heavy objects. It could even happen if you don’t warm up before doing your workout routine. But it is not as severe as it is while you are playing sports. The harder you pull your muscle, the more you have to rest and pay attention to it.

For example, you could injure your back muscles if you forget to lift with your legs. If the injury is mild, you can treat it with over-the-counter (OTC) products. You don’t need to go to a doctor. But if it is severe, and there is swelling and lumps, or if the pain does not allow you to sleep, then you will need to see a professional physician. They might prescribe you an OTC painkiller, or if the injury is too severe, they might send you to a compound pharmacist serving a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton who can develop a topical pain compound specific to your needs.

Just like your back muscles, you could also injure your thigh and groin muscles or your hamstrings. Thigh and groin muscles are usually hurt when you are trying to kick something or jump. However, it could also happen when you are running or stretching. Hamstring injuries occur when you pull the back of your leg.

Tendonitis and Swollen Muscles

Tendonitis and swollen muscles can happen anytime during the sport. Usually, the swelling is not that bad, and you can treat it with ice, rest, and elevating the area. However, if the case is severe, you might have to go for anti-inflammatory drugs or other types of treatments.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is related to the arm muscles. It is not specific to tennis. You can even get it while you are playing badminton or golf. It happens when you overuse your arm muscles repeatedly. Again, you have a choice of going for an OTC medication or taking your prescription to a compounding pharmacy. This works best if you are allergic to any ingredient in the medication. The compounding pharmacist will create a unique combination for you that doesn’t include that ingredient. They can also combine multiple components, so you don’t have to take too many pills simultaneously.

Shin Splints

Another common injury is shin splints. It happens when you have small tears in the muscles surrounding your bones. Apart from the swelling and the pain, there could also be inflammation.

ACL Injuries

One of the major ligaments in the knee is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL for short. Football and lacrosse players often get this injury as they have to move quickly and pivot and maneuver rapidly. Sometimes players can collide while mid-maneuver and hurt their ACLs. Usually, a player doesn’t need surgery, but sometimes, if the ACL is torn, surgery is the only option.

Preventing Sports Injuries in Hamilton

If you are playing sports in Hamilton, you have to know that the risk of these injuries cannot be eliminated altogether. The best thing you can do to protect your body and your career is to educate yourself and prevent them. You could be playing football, ice hockey, basketball, or cheerleading, and you’d have to keep these things in mind. Here’s how you can lower the chances of getting these injuries:

  • Stretch before each game or workout
  • Wear protective gear
  • Know your limits and stay within them
  • Consult a trainer before starting

Effective Treatment for Athletic Injuries in Hamilton

No two people are alike, and the same is true for players. With different body types, weights, and preferences, they cannot be treated with the same solution. But fortunately, there are various options for you. For example, you could go for OTC products or opt for compounded medications that are created precisely according to your needs. A compounding pharmacist in Hamilton can develop pills, topical compounds, and more to facilitate the patient.

If you have any more queries about sports injuries or topical pain compounds, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you out.

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