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Gout: What is it, Prevention, and Cure in Toronto.

Do you know what happens when excess uric acid builds up in our bodies? It can lead us to suffer from swelling or pain in the joints of our feet. Further, you may also not know what practitioners have named this term. Practitioners have named this condition, “gout.” Furthermore, gout mainly affects middle-aged people to elderly. At times, gout proves very horrid for people while making them feel their feet are on fire. Nevertheless, a compounding pharmacy in Toronto can help in this regard, too, to help people deal with gout. Before jumping into it, we shall like you to understand how gout affects people.

How Can Gout Affect People?

Gout has four stages, and each stage of this medical condition has different symptoms and distinct treatment options. Further, here are four stages of gout that you need to know about:

  • The First Stage – Hyperuricemia: It is the stage that results when too much uric acid builds up in our bloodstream. Further, it forms crystals near and around our joints. Further, it affects the joints of our feet and eventually causes them to swell. Thus, people. As a result, people in this stage of gout experience moderate to severe pain. 
  • Acute Gout: When the first stage of gout progresses, acute gout manifests, which is the second stage of gout. Further, if you do not get the treatment in this stage of gout, severe aftermaths and permanent damage may occur. Additionally, you will enter into the third stage of gout, that is, Interval Gout, when you do not get the treatment for Acute Gout.
  • Interval Gout: Interval Gout is a stage of gout when you may experience no symptoms. Still, it is best to get in touch with a physician if you start experiencing gout attacks for several days or months. Otherwise, you may need to experience the fourth stage of gout alongside its consequences.
  • Tophaceous Gout: It is a stage that results when you do not get the treatment for gout for a long time. In this stage, you will see nodules in your joints. Or you may possibly notice tissue around your joints. Further, the nodules or tophi that you may see can permanently damage your joints. Further, these nodules can occur in unanticipated areas, such as your ears.

Do You Know Why Uric Acid Builds in Our Bloodstream?

There are different reasons that may lead to uric acid build in the bloodstream. One of the factors that may contribute to gout is metabolism disorders. In addition, your diet and alcohol use can also contribute to gout. It is because both diet and alcohol play a role in eliminating and processing uric acid. Put differently, anything which may hinder your body from properly processing or eradicating uric acid can lead to uric acid build up. Furthermore, anything that encourages your body to produce plenty of uric acid can cause gout.

Moreover, avoiding salty fish, shellfish, sweet juices, and organ meats can help you tackle the problem. Similarly, it is important that you do not consume too much alcohol, as alcohol dehydrates the body. Also, note that you are at increased risk for catching gout if you have a kidney or thyroid disorder. Now, let us tell you about the possible treatments for gout. 

How to Treat Gout

Consulting a rheumatologist for gout can help you treat it. However, the treatment plans for gout vary based on people’s physical health and the severity of symptoms. Many gout treatments entail the use of oral medication to revive healthy uric acid balance in the bloodstream. It also counters the main problem though people can still experience painful symptoms of gout. In addition, a doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory medicines for gout to tackle swelling or pain you may experience.

How Can a Compounding Pharmacy in Toronto Help People with Gout?   

Using oral medications for gout will certainly help you deal with uric acid build up with time. Still, you can experience symptoms of gout, like severe pain or swelling. When you experience the aforementioned symptoms, a doctor may prescribe you compounded creams that you may get from a  compounding pharmacy in Toronto. Besides, compounded creams can often reduce the symptoms of gout if present. Additionally, these creams can benefit users while providing them with instant relief from pain. Further, there is a reason why compounded creams offer instant relief from pain.

You apply topical gout creams that a compounding pharmacy can make for you directly to the area of pain. As a result, you quickly benefit from topical pain compounds, such as creams. Additionally, you won’t also experience any adverse side effects with compounded creams for gout. Further, a topical pain cream won’t also interact with other medications that you may use to treat gout. 


Uric acid build up in our bodies can lead us to experience gout. Further, swelling or pain in the joints of the feet are symptoms of these conditions. Gout has four stages, including Hyperuricemia, Acute Gout, Interval Gout, and Tophaceous Gout. Additionally, gout mainly affects people who are in their middle age plus elderly. Generally, a rheumatologist treats this medical condition based on people’s physical health and the severity of symptoms. In general, oral medications that a physician recommends for gout address uric acid build up. Nonetheless, people can still experience painful symptoms of gout. Lastly, when they do, using topical pain creams that a compounding pharmacy in Toronto makes can help them effectively deal with gout symptoms.

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