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How Compounding Pharmacists Help Give Medicines To Your Pets Effectively

Pets fall ill all the time. It could be due to a change in the season, allergies, or some external factors like pesticides, lousy food, and more. When they fall ill, you obviously go for the best treatment you can find. Our pets are a vital part of our lives, and we spare no expense to see them get better again. But you have to search for the best doctors, the best medications, and you have to make sure that your pets take those medicines. Sometimes it could become a tedious task, getting your pet to take their medication. They don’t understand the importance or the benefits. They just know that you are trying to feed them something that they don’t like.

Now, there are various tips and tricks that you can use to get your cat or your dog to take their medicines. One of the ways that you can do that is to contact a compounding pharmacy.


A compounding pharmacy can help you out in ways that you might not have known up till now. We can make custom medications that are tailored to fit your pet’s needs. We make sure that your pet’s medications are according to their palate, and they take it easily while ensuring that it meets the prescription. Veterinary compounding, also called pet compounding, is a highly beneficial service that helps you ensure compliance.

You could ask a compounding pharmacist to create a specific medication that is different from what is available in the market, or you can ask them to create a medicine that has been discontinued but is necessary for your pet.

Veterinary Compounding Is Becoming Pretty Popular

As more and more people understand the benefits of a compounding pharmacy, veterinary compounding is becoming more and more famous. People are realizing that compounded medications can help them easily administer the drug to the animals without causing any problems.

What Can a Compounding Pharmacy Do for Your Pet?

There are multiple ways that a compounding pharmacy can help you with your pet’s medication.

  • They can create alternate doses for your pets according to their needs
  • They can recreate prescriptions that have a different dosage or strength than what is commercially available
  • They can recreate a prescription medicine that has been discontinued in the market
  • They can introduce various flavours in the medication, so the pet enjoys the flavor instead of hating it.
  • They give you alternatives to oral medication for your pets. This includes transdermal gels and more.
  • They can combine multiple medications into one, so it is easier for you to administer the drug.

These and many more reasons show us the benefits that we can get from pet compounding.

Customized Size, Strength, or Form

Your pet’s medication depends on various factors. The size, strength, and dosage depend on these factors. One of these factors is the size of your pet. Now, we all know that it can vary from one to the other. Even if you take a single species, there are various sizes of pets available. Even if you take one specific species, it could differ. You could have two cats, both from the same family, and one could be bigger than the other. If we look at different species, we see that the size of a Chihuahua’s medication will be very different from that of a Great Dane’s.

This is where compounding pharmacies come into play. Instead of relying on commercially available products, you could make sure that your pet gets what they deserve—a medicine made specifically for them.

Improve Compliance

Compounded medicines help you make sure that your pet’s compliance doesn’t suffer.

How does this happen?

First, compounded medications can help you reduce the number of drugs you have to administer. For example, if your dog has been prescribed two or three creams for an injury, it might be challenging to get them to lie down while you apply all the creams one after the other. It will take a lot of time, and it’ll be hard to get your dog to do that. On the other hand, if you could have just one cream instead of two, it would be easier, and you and your dog will both feel easier.

Final Word

You could have a dog, cat, parrot, horse, reptile, or anything else, and you will admit that administering medicines to them is a time-consuming and tricky task. Compliance is a big issue. Also, each pet has its own challenges and needs. When you work with a compounding pharmacy, you could make it a lot easier for yourself as well as your pet. You could contact the compounding pharmacist and ask them to create unique medications in different doses, strengths, and forms. You could have them change the flavours. And you could make sure that your pet gets better in the least amount of time. If you want to know more about pet compounding, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you out.

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