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Three Types of Patients Who Take Pills and How Compounding Can Help

Every person born is unique and has a different complexion, height, age, ethnicity, hair colour. Everyone has their individual needs and preferences in terms of clothing, food, health and wellness. The same is true for medicine. The same ailment can produce different symptoms in people, and they require different treatment therapies to get better. Various factors are responsible, like metabolism, internal functionality, drug absorption, the dosage needed, and more.

Commercially available medicines usually come in fixed doses. A drug may be available in 250mg and 500mg, but not more or less. If a person requires anything less, for example, 100mg, they would either break the tablet into two or increase the duration between two doses. But sometimes, even that isn’t enough. This sometimes results in under-dosing or overdosing.

Compounding is the process that can fulfill the unique needs of patients. It can help reconstruct and prepare a medication that can help the patient according to their illness.

Here are three types of patients who commonly have to take pills for their ailments and how compounding can help.

Diabetic Patient

Diabetic patients cannot produce natural insulin, or their bodies fail to use the insulin effectively. Individuals who have diabetes become prone to many medical conditions with complications. Hence, diabetic patients need to be careful when it comes to proper medication. Various medications can help diabetic patients reduce their complications. As much as pharmaceutical medicines are helping, there are still some complications associated with them.

Compounding can provide tailored medication a diabetic patient may require since compounding pharmacies are licensed to craft custom medications to ensure proper. The licensed pharmacist will formulate the medicines to eliminate the ingredients from the dosage, which increases the risk of complication—leaving only the right ingredients.


Athletic competitions require athletes to exert more force and body effort. When athletes take risks to push their bodies to maximum levels, they sometimes experience sports injuries. The scale of these injuries requires specific dosage and medical treatments. Even if there are no injuries, some athletes want to maintain the tone of their body, which also needs specific healthcare.

Managing the healthcare needs of athletes sometimes becomes a challenge with commercially produced drugs and the associated side effects. The safest way to maintain the healthcare need of an athlete is compounding. Since athletes require quick and proper dosage needed for lasting impact and relief, compounding can combine different supplements to create a unique formulation. This unique treatment can contain additional elements that will help the athletes in case of injuries or simply need to maintain their bodies. Also, an athlete’s needs change constantly, and compounding medicines are the only ones that can keep up with it. They can continuously provide unique and tailored medications.

Patients With Acute or Chronic Pain

There are many reasons why patients feel pain. Most resort to OTC drugs, while some need specially prescribed medications. But what they don’t understand are the adverse side effects of these pain killers and possibilities of pain medication addiction.

Compounding can provide patients with medication that focuses on the specific need to cure the pain. These unique medications may have fewer side effects. Compounding pharmacies can provide topical pain creams, which will reduce the pain or discomfort.

Final Words

Commercially produced medications can help patients, but there are some limitations and difficulties in creating a unique dosage. Every human being is different and requires medical needs accordingly. Here is when compounding medications can help by reducing the limitations and ease to create a unique dosage for patients.

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