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What Are Hemorrhoids And How Can Compounding Help?

Hemorrhoids are a medical condition that many users feel uncomfortable talking about with their physicians, family members, or anyone else for that matter. Because of this stigma, the patient’s condition may worsen over time. In this article, you will understand what hemorrhoids are and how Compounding can help. 

Hemorrhoids are small veins that pop and become enlarged and swollen around the rectum and the area near the anus. Your rectum, which is the final part of the large bowel, is surrounded by a circle of muscle that tightens so that you can push the solid waste through your anus. The veins around the rectum, when swollen, become inflamed and might even develop small blood clots causing minor bleeding. Most of the time, the patient gets worried, but the truth is it is not that big of a deal, and it can be cured easily if consulted with a physician on time. 

There are two major types of hemorrhoids – internal and external. Many people suffer from both, and the situation becomes even tougher for them. 

Internal: Internal hemorrhoids are found deep inside your rectum, often these hemorrhoids are painless, and they may not be identified unless they start to bleed. Since they are further up in your rectum, any physical ointment or other treatments becomes hard. In rare cases, the internal hemorrhoids may get pushed out from your anus, making it a very painful experience for the patient. Only your doctor may be able to identify the nature of your hemorrhoids. Once they are enlarged, internally or externally, they are identified as thrombosed or thrombotic. The latter is very painful because any mild pressure or irritation like coughing or sneezing may result in rectum pain. 

External: External hemorrhoids develop under the skin outside and at the opening of the anus. They may get uncomfortable with time, especially when any bowel movements happen. They are often tender to touch as well. They feel like soft swellings and are purple and round. 

How Can Compounding Help?

Compounding is one of the ultimate solutions for hemorrhoids. It is a very effective method to choose, as it contains all the treatments with much fewer side effects. There are pharmaceutical medications available for hemorrhoids, but depending on your needs, they may not be sufficient. Creams are a typical treatment for hemorrhoids, and a compound pharmacist can provide a high-quality cream based on your prescription. 

There are several compounding options available. The compounding pharmacist will formulate a medicinal treatment with all the necessary ingredients to prevent negative side effects, leaving you with only the needed ingredient, and the compound pharmacist can customize the dosage of active ingredients. 

Final Words

There is always an option to ask a pharmacist about your medication if you need instant assistance. Feel free to contact us any time, and we are here to help you and happy to resolve all your queries regarding Compounding.

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