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What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

I’m sure you’ve definitely seen the multitude of commercials for pharmaceutical drugs. They range from ordinary cough and cold medications to multivitamins and more. These are mass-produced drugs. They are developed in bulk quantities, tested on various control groups, and then marketed and distributed to the general public. Even though they are effective at what they do, there could still be some problems. You might find it difficult to digest a bigger-sized pill or capsule. You might have an allergy to some of the materials used in making that drug. A lot of things could prove to be a challenge.

What’s the alternative? Compounded medications – Medications that are made specifically for you. How can you access these personalized medications? You go to a compounding pharmacist, of course.

But Who is a Compounding Pharmacist?

Compounding pharmacy is a great old tradition that is still going strong. It enables a physician to be as specific as they can about your medication. They can prescribe you the drugs that specially cater to your every need. Nowadays, most of the medications are mass-produced by pharmaceutical companies. They mass-produce drugs that can treat cases for a large number of people, but this can lead to problems in certain individuals.

Problems with Mass-Produced Medications

You could be allergic to a dye or the filler that is used in the mass-produced drug. Exceptional compounding pharmacies, like Aurora Compounding, don’t add dyes to the compounded medications. They make compounds for people with allergies as simple as possible with non-reactive fillers.

Also, most drugs come in specific strengths. For example, the doctor prescribes you a drug that only comes in two strengths: 250mg and 500mg. You need something more or something less. Maybe you need 400mg, or maybe you need 750mg. Now, think about it. How can you break down the pill into the proper proportions? Moreover, if that’s a capsule, how can you make sure you’re getting a proper dose? Compounding pharmacies work with physicians to solve problems and come up with custom medication solutions for patients.

Maybe you need a drug that the pharmaceutical company has discontinued. For example, your physician might have prescribed you topical bio-identical hormones that exactly mimic the hormones produced by your body. Now, where on earth are you going to find those?

Some people have trouble swallowing large capsules.

Some people don’t like the taste of the capsules or pills that they have to take. These cases and more require specialized treatment.

Enter the Compounding Pharmacist

The situations mentioned above are when a compounding pharmacist can really play a crucial role in your wellbeing. They are fully trained in chemical compatibilities, alternate dosages, and more. Not only that, compounding pharmacists are required to educate themselves to the latest medication trends and information consistently.

In the case of a discontinued drug, the compounding pharmacist can easily order the prescribed drug’s main ingredients and formulate the same dosage and strength that you require. If the patient needs a particular nutritional value, but it is not available commercially, the pharmacist can develop them too. They can use different fillers, and vehicle agents if the ones commercially available are not suitable for you.

Need a custom dosage? A compounding pharmacist can whip up the exact dosage for you to get the required amount of the drug. If there are patients who cannot intake a specific flavor, the compounding pharmacist can help you with that too. These cases usually come from pediatric patients or veterinary patients. That is a market that is quite lacking with regards to choices and options.

If you are taking multiple medications, the compounding pharmacist can easily combine them into one to increase compliance. The same is true for taking multiple nutritional supplements.

Some of the drugs have troubling side effects. These could be as benign as an upset stomach or drowsiness, or they could be severe. A compounding pharmacist can prepare the medications so that they may reduce the problem of side effects. They could use alternate chemicals or lower the dosage according to your needs. If you take ibuprofen orally, the compounding pharmacist can develop a transdermal cream that you can use topically.


There are many ways a compounding pharmacy can help you with your medication. The scenarios above are only some examples. If you’re experiencing any issues with your medication, then we encourage you to contact our compounding pharmacist and find out how we might be able to help. At Aurora Compounding, we make custom, tailor-made compounded medications in specific doses, dosage forms, flavors, etc.

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