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What is Alopecia Areata, and How Can A Compounding Pharmacist Help?

Hair is a big part of our identity, and it serves various purposes. Good hair makes you look good, and if you lose it, it can become a reason for stress both emotionally and physically. While there are many treatments available, they take time and might have mild to severe side effects. We will explain what is alopecia areata and how can a compounding pharmacist help? All in this article.

In short, it is a disease characterized by the body when it attacks the hair follicles that produce hair. This unusual patchy hair loss can happen pretty much anywhere on your body where hair grows.

The primary symptoms associated with alopecia areata to hair loss, and you will notice coin-sized patches scattered on your scalp. These same patches can occur on your leg or facial hair. In some cases, the patient who has this disease may feel sensations in the body just before their hair starts to fall or come out. They may feel like a part of their scalp is itching continuously and feel irritated. The hair loss condition may seem to happen out of nowhere, and you can experience the hair loss in just a few days. There is no way to predict the time it takes for these patches to occur.

Another usual symptom that most patients feel is that their fingernails and toenails change before this disease begins to act. The appearance of their toenails and fingernails starts to change, they may look dented and lose their shine, and in some cases, they get super thin and begin to split.

The exact reason for this disease is still unknown. The only reason researchers found out is that the white blood cells in your body mistakenly start to attack the hair follicles. When this happens, it starts to turn your hair thin and fall out, stunting the hair growth.

How Can Compounding Help?

Doctors have been practising the treatment for alopecia areata for ages with the help of pharmaceutical medicines. These treatments may work, but they all have side effects that can cause other major problems in patients. With the help of compounding medicines and topical solutions, the patient can get the right treatment with ingredients that have fewer side effects. You can ask a compounding pharmacist to help you assist in understanding the right dosage option for you. Compounding medicines are a great way to treat any disease and condition. You can get exact dosages that you want that are not available in the market. You can get different formulations according to your needs.

Final Word

Compounding is an option to treat Alopecia Areata based on personalization and customization with tailored medications that fit your needs and have fewer side effects. A compounding pharmacist can change the dosage, formulation, ingredients and more to ensure that the treatment is exactly what you desire.

If you are looking forward to knowing more about compounding and how it can help, feel free to contact us – our customer representatives will be happy to assist you.

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