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Why You Should Consider Compounding If You Are 50+

The older we get, the less resistant our immune systems become. This puts us at a greater risk of getting a disease. It also means that our bodies start deteriorating faster. Even if we don’t consider outside pathogens, ageing alone creates various problems as we grow old. Many older adults take multiple medications to keep them healthy and working well.

Varying Medication needs

Also, older adults have different medication needs. They may need modifications more than younger adults. A person might need to taper off a medicine so they wouldn’t have to face any withdrawal symptoms. Many drugs have habit-forming properties, and older patients have a more challenging time letting them go. Some patients might have to take a strong dosage for various reasons and then give it up when the situation comes under control. Another factor to consider is organ function. As our body ages, the organs don’t function in optimal condition. That is why older patients need precise dosages that might change from time to time as their condition changes. That is why they need to talk to their physicians about compounding medications.

Managing Multiple Prescriptions

Many older adults might have a hard time keeping up with their medicine timings. Although there are various ways to keep track, like pill organizers and more, they still might find it hard. Compounding pharmacists can add multiple prescriptions in a single dose and eliminate the need to remember and take multiple pills multiple times a day. Just contact a compounding pharmacy and give them your medications and preferences, and they can create a unique and personalized formula just for you.

Some patients may realize that to take exact doses; they have to cut pills or split them. This could become quite a hassle for them. Also, if they lose their prescriptions, they might have to go to the doctor again and get it made. With compounding, it becomes easier for them to manage.

Side Effects And Interactions

When healthcare providers prescribe any medication to their patients, they have to check their medical history, allergies, and any existing drugs they may be taking. Otherwise, it could easily lead to drug interaction and severe side effects. But when you compound your medicines, the compounding pharmacist could easily track your medicines, create precise doses, and remove any ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction or drug interaction.

Cognitive Challenges

If an older adult has difficulty remembering, they might not realize if they have taken medicine or not. For people who have to take multiple pills a day, this could become a severe problem. They might not take their medicine, or more dangerously, they might take too much. This could result in fatal incidents. When the same patient compounds their prescriptions, they can easily add multiple medicines in a single dose and thus make it easier for themselves to track their medications.

Dietary Supplements

An older person might require specific supplements. They might need them to boost their metabolism, help with organ function, boost the immune system, or more. The older we get, the weaker our bodies get, and sometimes nutritional supplements can really help a person support their body functions. A compounding pharmacist could easily include these supplements in a compound prescription and make it easier for patients to manage them.

Advantages Of Compounded Medications

Some people cannot swallow pills. They have a hard time doing that. If they need pain medication, they might find it challenging to take it. Compounding can help turn the formulation from pill form to liquid form. Topical pain compounding can help them take their medicine and eliminate the pain. They can just apply the gel, cream, or ointment to the target area. They can use topical pain medications for soft tissue deterioration, chronic pain, joint stiffness, and more.


Compounding pharmacists can enable older adults lower the number of medications they are taking. They can help them with compliance and ensure that they are getting the precise dosage you require. They can help change the formulation of the drug if the patients cannot swallow pills. With the help of a compounding pharmacy, older adults can easily manage their health and increase the quality of their lives. Have any more questions about compounding? Contact us, and we would be happy to help you out.

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