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Erectile Dysfunction Compounds
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This is an example of a compounded medication that employs a different delivery method than the commercial oral product. Whereas the oral tablet requires about 45 minutes to take effect and even longer if taken with a large meal, the rapid dissolve tablets can take effect in as little as 10 minutes no matter when the last meal was eaten. Rapid dissolve tablets are held in the mouth either under the tongue or against the cheek until dissolved. These tablets should not be swallowed for maximum efficacy.

Not Your Traditional ED Pill

Fast Acting Erectile Dysfunction Compound

These rapid dissolve tablets are absorbed by the soft tissues in the mouth. By bypassing the stomach and the liver, the drug gets into the bloodstream much faster. This allows us to use a lower dose of the drug possibly reducing the potential side effects.

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Scientifically Sound

An Erectile Dysfunction Compound Backed by Science

These tablets have been involved in a study that is cited below. Please call us with any questions that you or your physician may have on the prescribing or use of the rapid dissolve tablets for erectile dysfunction.

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Please be sure you are physically fit for sexual activity. All erectile dysfunction medications should never be taken with nitrate class medications. Please speak with your health care practitioner before using any medications for erectile dysfunction.

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