Our discreet home diagnostic kits are extremely sensitive and precise. Your self collected samples are sent to Rocky Mountain Analytical by prepaid courier. Results can be obtained on line within a few days. The pharmacists at the Aurora Compounding Pharmacy will help interpret the results and direct you to specific practitioners for medical assistance.
Some tests may include:


Female panel measures cortisol, DHEAs, estradiol, estriol, estrone progesterone and testosterone.


Male panel measures cortisol, DHEAs, testosterone and female hormones (if necessary).


Adrenal panel measures and graphs cortisol levels from morning to bedtime.


Urine steroid hormone tests for hormone and hormone metabolites.

Food Sensitivity

IgG food sensitivity tests for 96 food group reactivity (160 and 200 food reactivity also available)


Celiac profile to test for gluten sensitivity


Hair element analysis tests for 45 essential elements and toxins such as Lead and Mercury.

All Rocky Mountain Analytical kits can be shipped to you overnight by Purolator or Fedex.

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