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How Can A Hamilton Compounding Pharmacist Help You With Heart Medication?

As a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton, we have a question for you: Did you know that heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada? It is also known as ischemic heart disease or coronary heart disease. Heart disease happens when a person builds up plaque in the arteries. This leads to various problems, including heart attack, heart failure, and even death.

According to the data collected by the Public Health Agency of Canada, CCDSS (Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System), around 1 in every 12 Canadian adults that are aged 20 or above has heart disease. Every hour around 12 Canadians are diagnosed with heart disease.

People aged 20 and above, diagnosed with heart disease, are three times more likely to die than those who don’t suffer from this disease. In addition, people aged 20 and above and have had a heart attack are four times more likely to die than people who have not had a heart attack.

When we look at the genders, we see that men are twice at risk of suffering a heart attack as women. Also, men are more at risk of getting heart disease at an earlier age than women.

Heart Medications Require Careful Attention

When we talk about heart medication, we mean life-saving drugs crucial for all people suffering from heart disease. Heart medications are vital for people at risk of death due to heart disease, cardiovascular problems, and more. These, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, save a lot of lives every day. When it comes to heart medications, people need doctors and pharmacists who are highly skilled, experienced, and reliable. They can create customized doses according to the unique needs of the patients.

Why Go To A Good Compounding Pharmacist in Hamilton?

A good compounding pharmacist in a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton does more than just mix a couple of drugs and create something for you. They also answer all your questions about the medications that you are taking. This includes any recommendations for lifestyle choices and diet. This ensures that the drug does what it is supposed to do and handles the problems effectively. They also teach you and guide you about drug interaction. That is when you are taking multiple drugs, and they might react to one another. For example, you may ask for an over-the-counter anti-allergy or a cold medication, not knowing how that would react to the heart medication that you are taking. This is not only true for drugs but also some foods.

One problem that many patients who take heart medication have is blood pressure. An experienced compounding pharmacist will take it under consideration and recommend various activities, foods, and beverages that can help you keep your blood pressure regular. This can help you avoid some severe reactions like:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Kidney failure
  • Muscle damage

Special Instructions to Manage Heart Medications

A good compounding pharmacy will never just hand over your prescription and be done with it. Instead, they make sure that your prescription is followed by helpful information like directions of use, warnings, and other recommendations. This can enhance the drug’s effects and help you find relief quicker. For example, your compounding pharmacist can warn you about some drugs that have a recommendation of not operating any heavy machinery or vehicles. Other drugs have a warning of not eating or drinking certain foods and drinks while you are taking that medicine. Also, some medications may have harmful interactions with other drugs that you usually wouldn’t think twice about taking.

What Else Can A Hamilton Compounding Pharmacist Do?

Besides answering your questions, warning you about other drugs, and answering your questions, compounding pharmacists in Hamilton do so much more. They understand the balance between heart medication and other drugs. They work closely with doctors and patients to ensure that their compounded medications are the exact formulations and doses that the patient requires. They also provide customized and blended medications so that you don’t have to take multiple medicines simultaneously. This also lessens the chances of harmful drug interactions. In addition, a compounding pharmacist will consider your preferences, allergies, and more to create a personalized drug for you.

Hamilton Compounding Services for Heart Medications

Other services include changing the formulation of the medicine so that the patient doesn’t have difficulty taking it. For example, you might have trouble swallowing the heart medication pills. A compounding pharmacist can easily provide alternate formulations in Hamilton like liquids or dissolvable tablets so that you can take your medicine on time, every time.

They can also alter the dosage of the drugs in accordance with the patient’s needs. For example, you might need to take a medicine that is only available in 500mg and 250mg. Your doctor might prescribe 750mg, which means you will have to take two pills every time to get the dosage right. On the other hand, the doctor may prescribe you a dosage smaller than what is available in the market. A compounding pharmacist can easily create custom doses for your unique needs.

Final Word

For people suffering from heart disease, taking the right medication, with the right dose, at the right time is crucial. That is why a compounding pharmacist is precisely what you need. They can create a personalized drug just for you, according to your doctor’s prescription. They can alter the dosage, change the formulation, and include multiple ingredients in your customized medication. They also answer all your questions, recommend diet and lifestyle choices, and more. They don’t just look at your prescription. They get to know your unique condition and work accordingly. That is why you should contact a reliable compounding pharmacy in Hamilton for all your heart medication needs.

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