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We specialize in pediatric compounding for infants. Some drugs are not produced in pediatric strengths because they have a short expiry date in the liquid form necessary for oral administration. Other drugs used for infants are actually small doses of adult medication being prescribed “off-label” that are highly effective for certain pediatric conditions. When a drug is prescribed that is not commercially available in infant-friendly format, we can make unflavoured (or flavoured) oral suspensions that make it possible to administer the exact dose required. If children reject commercially available medications based on flavour or texture, we can explore options for making it more palatable, like customizing a different flavour. Pediatric compounding is not simply watering down adult medications. These compounds require very specific compounding techniques and ingredients to ensure quality, stability and efficacy.

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If oral administration is impossible, depending on the medication, it may be possible to change the method of administration to rectal suppositories. When it comes to administering medication to your precious child, trust the Aurora Compounding Pharmacy to help.
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