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How Can Compounding Help With Pain During Intercourse?

It’s not uncommon for women to suffer from pain during intercourse. Approximately three out of four women experience painful intercourse at some stage during their lives, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The most common cause of painful intercourse and sexual dysfunction in women is hormone imbalance. Problems can sometimes be solved with simple solutions if they are temporary. Occasionally, the problem is more complex and requires an integrative approach, such as Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Intercourse Pain Symptoms in Women

Within the umbrella of pain during intercourse are different types of discomfort and pain. Among them are:

  • The sensation of pain when penetrated (this may occur only during sexual interaction, or you may also experience pain when using tampons or other menstrual products).
  • A deep, aching, or burning sensation during intercourse.
  • Following intimacy, there may be a throbbing pain that may last for several hours.
  • During intercourse, there is discomfort due to vaginal dryness.

Female sexual dysfunction, or FSD, is often accompanied by pain during intercourse. Other symptoms include:

  • A lack of orgasm.
  • Low sexual drive or libido.
  • Even when you feel intimate, you cannot maintain a sex drive.

Intimacy can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience when all of these symptoms are present together. Unfortunately, emotional distress can lead to muscle tension, which worsens the pain and discomfort of intercourse, creating a vicious circle.

It is, fortunately, possible for women who suffer from pain during intimacy to ease the discomfort through treatments and steps. To determine your pain’s cause(s) and the best treatment plan, you should consult an experienced medical provider. After discussing the issues with your doctor, talk to them about compounded HRT. Compounded medications are developed according to your specific needs and requirements and can provide better results than ready-made solutions.

Hormone Deficiency: A Major Cause of Pain During Intercourse

The most common cause of pain during intercourse among women is hormone imbalance. Most often, it is Estrogen that causes painful intercourse.

The role of estrogen in sexual and vaginal health cannot be overstated. Sexual intercourse can be uncomfortable and painful if there isn’t enough estrogen in the body to moisturize the vaginal tissues.

Hormone deficiency symptoms include:

  • Low sexual drive (low libido)
  • Night sweats and hot flashesInsomnia or trouble sleeping
  • An inability to regulate emotions and mood swings
  • An increase in weight in areas where losing weight is difficult, such as the stomach
  • Compositional changes in the body
  • An inability to find motivation, fatigue, and a foggy head

Menopause or perimenopause (the years preceding menopause) can cause hormone deficiencies. Still, it can also be caused by several other factors in women who are not reaching menopause yet.

Identifying a hormone imbalance requires comprehensive blood testing. HRT can address your hormone deficiency, including painful intercourse if the results reveal a deficiency.

Typically, HRT protocols include estrogen and progesterone, another female hormone, and testosterone, which both men and women need (in smaller amounts).

An effective protocol typically includes more than one hormone since hormones often interact and influence one another.

HRT can be administered by using various methods, including:

  • Patients can apply creams, lotions, and gels topically
  • Injections
  • Implantable pellets
  • Suppositories for vaginal use
  • Tablets
  • Combining the above


Various factors affect the pain and discomfort you might feel during intercourse, but hormone deficiency is among the significant causes. If you suffer from hormone deficiency, talk to your doctor about compounded solutions. At Aurora Compounding, we develop medications that are personalized to your needs so you can see quicker and better results. Contact us for more information, and we would be glad to help.

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