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What Are The Benefits Of Compound Medication in Aurora?

Compounded medications? Sounds complicated. It’s really not. In fact, compounded medications enable you to continue your treatment and get well in the allotted time. For example, the doctor has prescribed a drug that the pharmaceutical company has discontinued. For some reason or the other, they stopped producing that medication. But according to your doctor, it is exactly what you need. This is where compounded medications can do the job that mass-produced medications could not. A licensed compounding pharmacist in a compounding pharmacy in Aurora can create the medication via compounding methods.

Not so long ago, there was a time when all the medications were compounded. But ever since the pharmaceutical companies entered the game, the role of compounded medications has declined. But the latest technology and the need for innovative treatment methods have propelled them back into the spotlight.

Here are some benefits that compounded medications in Aurora can offer you:

Access to Discontinued Medications

When a company discontinues a certain drug, Many patients still need that drug. Compounded medications in Aurora are the only alternative left for recreating the chemical formula for the discontinued drug so the patients can get the best treatment for their ailments. Compounding pharmacists have access to drugs that you might need. They can fill most prescriptions, and they can ensure all quality control processes and meet the patient’s needs. We make personalized and tailor-made compounded medications for our patients. We can make medications in almost any dose, dosage form, flavor, etc.

Making Medication Easier to Use

Have you ever had to swallow a pill that was so bitter that you couldn’t even put it on your tongue? Or, maybe it had a flavor that you really didn’t prefer. If you had the choice, you would get the drug in your favorite flavor, to make it more palatable. Trust us; you are not the only ones feeling like this. Many people have the same problem. Compounded medications can help patients in this matter. This is especially true for older patients, children, and even pets. They make compliance easier by adding a patient’s flavor of choice.

Alternative Dosage

Most of the time, we are okay with the dosage that a pharmaceutical company develops. In some instances, patients could have quite a problem trying to swallow a pill or a capsule that was too large. They might like the same medication in liquid form, but it is not available in the market. Also, maybe you can work with a topical cream or an ointment instead of taking pills and capsules. All of these things can easily be arranged through compounded medications. A compounding pharmacist in a compounding pharmacy in Aurora can easily change the dosage, the flavor, or the delivery method of the medication. Also, if you need a higher or lower dosage than what’s available in the market, compounding pharmacists can help you with that too.

Allergy-Free Medication

A lot of patients report allergies when they are prescribed a drug. It may be because of the dyes used, the gluten or the alcohol, or it may be because of the lactose. These are not the only reasons why patients suffer reactions from the drugs that they take. Commercially developed medications can have this problem. Patients who are sensitive or allergic to the dyes or fillers cannot take those medications. A compounding pharmacist can remove the allergens from it, Patients can be well on their way to a healthy future with the help of these compounded medications. Healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists, nurses, and others could identify the patient’s needs and ensure that they are getting exactly what they need, and nothing else. At Aurora Compounding, we don’t add dyes or unnecessary fillers. We make compounds for people with allergies as simple as possible with non-reactive fillers. We work with physicians to problem solve and come up with custom medication solutions.


On any given day, there may be any number of patients who could benefit from compounded medications. They can stay safe from various allergies, get the medication in the proper dosage, and have medication that is easy to take. If they need a drug that is not freely available in the market, they can have it made specifically for them. These are only a few of the benefits you get when you use compounded medications that a compounding pharmacy in Aurora specializes in creating. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions.

Pharmacist Mike Khalil

Michael Kalil B.Sc.Phm

Michael Kalil founded Aurora Compound Pharmacy in 1994 with a vision of making it easier for individuals to take their medications. Since Aurora's inception, Mike has helped thousands of people consume less pills by combining prescriptions in a more digestible format. 

Mike regularly attends Pharmacy conferences which enables him to stay on the forefront of the compound pharmacy industry, and shares his knowledge on his blog to help others.

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