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Problems With Men’s Sexual Health And How Can They be Addressed

Men’s sexual health issues, both normal and abnormal, are now better understood medically with all-new research and advancements. Male sexual dysfunctions have a variety of problems that affects a man’s satisfaction with his sex life. While many men know that most of these dysfunctions are common, others find it difficult to address. Most of them even wait for months or years before raising their issue with their primary physician. We are going to discuss problems with men’s sexual health and how can they be addressed? 

The following are some common sexual health problems among men, and if they are routinely evaluated can be treated. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a kind of sexual health issue among men that is very common, making it difficult to maintain a proper erection to have proper sex. Men who are above forty years of age can experience this issue while in rare cases, it can be observed in young men as well. Other factors that may be the reason for this issue are prostate surgery, smoking, certain medication, or the use of drugs and increased alcohol consumption. 50% to 70% of men who choose medicinal treatment for ED show a positive response. The other patients who do not respond to these treatments choose to get surgical options that encourage erection in most of them. 

Psychological factors are commonly observed, such as stress, depression and other emotional imbalance that cause ED. The most important organ in men is not below his waist. It is sitting right on their shoulders. In cases where it is hard to detect the main cause for erectile dysfunction, the physician chooses to check the impotence in the context of the patient’s mental or emotional well-being. After evaluating, a team of sex therapists can work along with the patient to educate him and make them feel comfortable about the issue. Some confidential settings are maintained so that the patient can address all the issues that may be the reason for ED. This process can help restore normal sexual functioning in many men. 


Many factors contribute to male infertility. It mainly includes a low level of sperm count, poor production of sperm, testicular trauma or sometimes other abnormalities. Sometimes infertility is caused by genetic, immunological diseases and other factors. Determining the exact factor involves a thorough physical evaluation, some lab tests, imaging of semen and semen analysis is very effective. 

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease occurs when tissue is scarred, or plaque is inside a penises erection tissue. The exact reason why the plaque is formed may not be clear. Many men who have this disease may suffer from minor trauma caused by bleeding inside the penis. Plaque forms are benign and non-cancerous, but it causes bending of the penis downwards or upwards depending on which side of the penis the plaque is formed. 

Men’s Sexual Health and Compounding 

Men’s sexual health can be improved if overall health is maintained. Some issues with men can only be treated with the help of medication, and sometimes these medications pose adverse side effects. To remain safe from these side effects, the compounding center offers vitamins, supplements, and other erectile dysfunction compounds according to the patient’s unique needs. If the problem needs more attention, there is always the option to ask a pharmacist to get a better perspective regarding the side effects of medication.. 


Men’s sexual health issues are important to address, and as soon as they are addressed, the better. Contact us if you want to know more about this topic. We are just one click away.

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