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What Are Your Options in Hamilton For Thyroid Treatment?

As a Hamilton compounding pharmacy, we want you to know: Our Thyroid gland is in charge of producing a host of hormones that control vital functions in our bodies. The thyroid gland is a small organ. It is located at the front of our necks, just below the larynx. Two hormones are vital as they control our metabolism. That is the process of breaking down what you eat and converting it into energy. They also affect our heartbeats, how deep we breathe, and our weight. Apart from all this, they also help control our body temperature, cholesterol levels, and women’s menstrual cycles. These two hormones are called T3 and T4 for short. They are released into our bloodstream and taken throughout the body. Our pituitary gland tells the thyroid gland how much of these two hormones our bodies need.

When our thyroid gland doesn’t work correctly, it affects our entire body. If the gland makes too much thyroid hormone, it is called hyperthyroidism. Alternately, if the gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone, it is called hypothyroidism. Both these conditions are severe and can affect our lifestyle adversely.

Medication in Hamilton for Thyroidism

There are a multitude of medications available for hyperthyroid and hypothyroid patients in Hamilton, but usually, doctors just prescribe T4-only medication.

The problem is that a healthy thyroid releases five distinct hormones that our bodies need. These are T1, T2, T3, T4, and Calcitonin.

T1 is believed to influence our hearts and to keep the thyroid gland working optimally.

T2 is thought to play a vital role in the conversion of T4 to T3. This is one reason why some patients might not feel better even after taking T4 only medicine. IT also has an impact on our metabolism. It burns our fat and increases liver metabolism.

T3 is usually called the ‘active hormone.’ Among all the five hormones, T3 is the one that has the most effect on our bodies. Scientists believe that it affects our mental health, our ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

T4 is referred to as the ‘storage hormone.’ One of the main functions of T4 is the conversion to T3. It also affects our brain functions.

Calcitonin comes into play when we have a lot of Calcium in our blood. It lowers the Calcium and stops the bones from releasing more Calcium into the blood. That is how it is believed to prevent osteoporosis.

T4-only Medication

Many doctors still believe that a T4 only medicine is all we need. That is because we don’t need a lot of T1, T2, or Calcitonin. The T4 that we take will be converted into T3, and that will be enough. Some patients might do well with T4 only medications, but others don’t. Their bodies do not convert T4 into T3, and as a result, they don’t feel better even after taking their medication. A study was done in 2018. It clearly showed that T4 only medicines resulted in a lower quality of life for patients who suffered from hypothyroidism.

T3-only Medication

Another treatment option for you is T3-only medication. This way, you won’t have to convert the T4 into T3. But as there is no T4, your body will have no way of storing the T3, and as a result, you might have to take a higher dose of the medication. Your doctor could even prescribe it to you three or four times a day.

T3 and T4 Combination

Another option that you have is taking both T4 and T3 in combination. If it works correctly, it could closely mimic the thyroid gland. Patients who had tried the combination of T3 and T4 report feeling much better than when they were using T4 only medicines.

Compounded Thyroid Medication in Hamilton

Here’s where it gets interesting. You have another option, and that is getting compounded thyroid medication from a Hamilton compounding pharmacy. These compounded medications offer you a lot of benefits like no fillers such as gluten or lactose. In addition, they can add the medicine to a wide variety of binders and fillers according to your needs. This is especially beneficial to those patients who cannot tolerate some types of fillers.

Also, the doctors can prescribe you the exact dosage that you need, and a compounding pharmacist will make the medication precisely according to the prescription. This means your body will get the same dosage that it needs. That is why compounding pharmacies are becoming more and more popular as they can make personalized medications for each patient. For those patients who do not feel well with T3-only medicines or T4 only medicines, compounded medication is the natural answer. Depending on your prescription and needs, compounding pharmacists can make ‘immediate release’ medications as well as ‘sustained release’ medications. Immediate release medicines are those that release the active ingredient as soon as they are taken. Sustained-release medications are those that gradually release the ingredient continuously throughout the day.

Which Option in Hamilton Should You Go For?

If you are taking T3-only medicine or T4 only medicine and feeling well, you don’t need to do anything. But if you are having trouble even after taking your medications and your lifestyle is suffering, then it is time for you to talk to your physician about compounded thyroid medications of a Hamilton compounding pharmacy. You can also contact a reliable compounding pharmacy to get answers to all your questions.

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